Faces of the Ljubljana Marathon

Running has a special effect on the human face. When some people start running their face becomes unrecognizable. At the Ljubljana Marathon on Sunday 27 October I shot 225 portraits of people who ran by. In this photo mosaic you can see the wide diversity of facial expressions of 225 runners of the Ljubljana Marathon.… Continue reading Faces of the Ljubljana Marathon

Giro d’Italia – Visit to ‘Slovenian’ stages 10 and 11

One of the benefits of Slovenia is that the country is so close to Italy. For two days I have been immersed in the world of Giro d'Italia. The Italian cycling circus was the last two days close to the border of my new home country. It was an excellent opportunity to go and feel… Continue reading Giro d’Italia – Visit to ‘Slovenian’ stages 10 and 11

Visit to Litija makes ground shake

We were three; my Dutch friends Jeroen, Robin and me and we were riding our bikes on a Sunday morning along the fast streaming river Sava. It was cloudy and it was fresh. The wind was so strong that it even brought back memories of our home country. But it was dry and after the… Continue reading Visit to Litija makes ground shake

Where did all the bikes go?

When i tried to get a Bicikelj hire bike last week and someone just got the last available one in front of me, I didn’t panic yet. But when almost a kilometre further on, at the second station of the Ljubljana rental bikes, the last bike again got taken just when I arrived things got… Continue reading Where did all the bikes go?

Digging through the snow, in search for spring

My last blog is from the beginning of January and I wrote about the spring weather we had in that weekend. I shouldn't have done that because I must have jinxed things. It's the end of February now and there is almost half a metre of snow outside. Since January we had several periods with… Continue reading Digging through the snow, in search for spring

Cycling against a hairdryer

In the Netherlands wind is wind. And in winter the wind is always chilly. In my mother tongue a föhn is a hairdryer. Here in Slovenia a föhn (fen) is a wind from the mountains and that wind is always warm. In winter it can make snow disappear with the blink of an eye, in… Continue reading Cycling against a hairdryer

My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year

Never before there were so many pictures taken in a year than this year. I contributed to this photography-explosion with at least a thousand pictures. This year I shot for work and fun in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany. Pictures of me were published in Dutch daily Noordhollands Dagblad, where I was… Continue reading My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year

Foggy spectacle on Pokljuka

Slovenia got two new heroes this winter. Alpine skier Tina Maze and biathlete Jakov Fak. While Maze flew to her 5th win in the giant slalom in the French Courchevel, I saw Fak slide to a second place in the 15 kilometre race of the biathlon world cup in Pokljuka in Slovenia. We Dutch have… Continue reading Foggy spectacle on Pokljuka

A protest gone bad in Ljubljana – The revolt continues

A mass demonstration against the Slovenian political elite in Ljubljana ended in riots when hooligans took the stage. Thousands of Slovenians came to the centre for a peaceful protest on friday evening. The situation went from grim to violent after dozens of hooligans turned up after two hours of protest.