3084. Just before the midpoint of 2017, I passed the 3000 kilometre mark by bike. So there you have it, half of my answer. The question to it is an oft repeated one. It’s like an automatic reply I get after I tell someone cycling is my passion; ‘how many kilometres do you ride in a year?’ The only, unsatisfactory, answer I can give is: … Continue reading 3084


Žiri, 3600 inhabitants. You could look at Slovenia as a country of mountains. You could also look at it as a country of valleys. Enclosed by green mountains, lie valleys as if they are islands in the middle of vast oceans. Each with its own climate, its own culture, its own kitchen, its own capital. Žiri is the capital of the valley just west of … Continue reading Žiri

An Icy Trip into the Past

On the third Sunday of January, the increasingly popular atypical bike event L’ Artica (The Arctic) was held in the Berici Hills in the north of Italy. Despite of being early season, despite of a freezing cold, 534 cyclists took the start in the town of Lonigo with bikes often older than the riders themselves. L’Artica is a non-competitive cyclosportive for classic bikes. In Italy alone, there … Continue reading An Icy Trip into the Past

A Roman fort hidden behind the trees

Along one of those magnificent Slovenian roads for a bike ride stands an ancient Roman fort. It can easily be reached by bike, but not many of the cyclists who pass here stop. Not many even know of the existence of this piece of Slovenian heritage. Fort Lanišče had a long history but deserves a better future. Slovenian road 621 is a quiet road and a … Continue reading A Roman fort hidden behind the trees

How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike

There are no statistics backing it up, but cycling is undoubtedly the fastest growing sports activity in Slovenia. Every spring there appear more Slovenians on the road riding a bike. This fact is supported by increasing bike sales and the arrival of new bike shops in the last five years. In Slovenia more bikes are sold per capita than in any other European country. Because people … Continue reading How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike