How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike

There are no statistics backing it up, but cycling is undoubtedly the fastest growing sports activity in Slovenia. Every spring there appear more Slovenians on the road riding a bike. This fact is supported by increasing bike sales and the arrival of new bike shops in the last five years. In Slovenia more bikes are sold… Continue reading How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike


Slovenia and the bike unfriendly bike path

The big difference between Dutch and Slovenian cycling infrastructure is not that there is much more cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands. The difference is a fundamental one, Dutch cycling infrastructure is made for cyclists, Slovenian cycling infrastructure is made for motorists. While in the Netherlands bike paths are meant to give cyclists a faster and safer… Continue reading Slovenia and the bike unfriendly bike path

Amsterdam; only a bikeride away…

Only two days after the start of Cycling Festival Europe in Ljubljana, initiated by the Dutch embassy, already good improvements can be seen in Slovenia’s cycling infrastructure. This (unofficial)road sign was spotted Saturday 16 April in Vnanje Gorice near Ljubljana.

How to make more Slovenians bike?

Better for the environment, better for the health, better for the city. The bike is the best means of transport for the city and the Cycling Festival Europe, initiated by the Netherlands, has eleven weeks to convince more Slovenians to step on the bike.

Visit to Litija makes ground shake

We were three; my Dutch friends Jeroen, Robin and me and we were riding our bikes on a Sunday morning along the fast streaming river Sava. It was cloudy and it was fresh. The wind was so strong that it even brought back memories of our home country. But it was dry and after the… Continue reading Visit to Litija makes ground shake

Where did all the bikes go?

When i tried to get a Bicikelj hire bike last week and someone just got the last available one in front of me, I didn’t panic yet. But when almost a kilometre further on, at the second station of the Ljubljana rental bikes, the last bike again got taken just when I arrived things got… Continue reading Where did all the bikes go?

Cycling against a hairdryer

In the Netherlands wind is wind. And in winter the wind is always chilly. In my mother tongue a föhn is a hairdryer. Here in Slovenia a föhn (fen) is a wind from the mountains and that wind is always warm. In winter it can make snow disappear with the blink of an eye, in… Continue reading Cycling against a hairdryer