The conquest of Turjak castle


Once I was a boy who ran through the streets with a plastic sword and the aluminium cover of a garbage bin in my hand shouting: Ivanhoe, Ivanhoeeeeeeee…. Those days were a long time ago. But they seem to have left me with an urge to conquer every castle I see.

Castles are cool. Castles are majestic, castles are enormous, castles are mysterious. I never felt a desire to live in a castle but when I see one I always want to visit it. Seated on my horse I want to ride through the gates, with a sword held up high and scream: Ivanhoe!

But I never do. The only horse I have is my steel horse, better known as a bike, and when I ride it, I never bring a sword. But when I pass a castle, I ride to its gate, usually to find it closed or forbidden for bikes.

One of my latest conquests is the castle of Turjak which lies around twenty kilometres south of Ljubljana.

Turjak castle is from the 13th century. It was founded by the knights of Auersperg. The castle stayed in the Auersperg family until the second World War when partisans besieged it.



Five steps to get to Turjak castle:




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