1001 means just that. And it means; a lot.
On the calm sunny afternoon of February 9 2020 I was making a stroll through the neighborhood with my daughter. She on her bike, me on foot. Halfway we passed the roundabout which we had passed so many times before. But now my gaze fell upon the bare treetops of the freshly pruned trees in the centre of the roundabout. Through the branches I saw the sunlit castle of Ljubljana in de distance. I took my camera and made a snap of that scene. The next day I posted the picture on Instagram and wrote without much thought: 1001 views on Ljubljana castle… and this is 1. I could have left it at that, then and there. But the next day the crazy idea of continuing the count settled in and number 2 was posted. And then 3 and then…

1001viewsonLjubljanaCastle doesn’t just show Ljubljana Castle. It shows what the castle truly is. Perched atop Castle Hill Ljubjana Castle is an omnipresent indispensable icon guarding over the city.

In the first year I registered 173 different views on Ljubljana Castle.

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