Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike

01_Festive-500-2015-Stamped-Edge-720x720pxWith the Festive 500 activity application Strava and clothing manufacturer Rapha challenge cyclists to ride 500 kilometers or more between Christmas Eve and New Year. With our, so far, snow free winter it was a good chance to join the challenge and explore and show the Slovenian roads and roadside in wintertime.
So here you go: 5 rides, 505 kilometres of Slovenian roads in 38 pictures

Ride 1: Around Barje 71 kilometres

Barje is the largest marsh in Slovenia and it’s inhabited since prehistory when pile dwellers lived here. I rode around it on Christmas Day.


R0026697The Saint Ulrich Church of Poldolnica stands proud on it’s pedestal every day of the year.

R0026700Firebrigade of Borovnica.


R0026708Christmas in Podkraj.

R0026715Shade and sun is a difference of night and day.



Ride 2: Along the Krka 91 kilometres

River Krka is the second longest river in Slovenia. I followed the river from its source to the town of Novo Mesto and back.


R0026721Zuzemberk Castle is from the 13th century.


R0026727The centre of Novo Mesto lies above river Krka.

R0026725Despite high temperatures the kids can skate in Novo Mesto.

R0026728Soteska Mansion is now a ruin. It stood on the banks of the Krka River and was built by Count Georg Sigmund von Gallenberg in 1664 and 1689. It had a rectangular layout with an interior courtyard bordered by four two-story arcades, and four rectangular towers at the corners. The entry tower bore the crest of the Gallenberg and Schrottenbach families and the year 1675. The interior was richly painted, with some works attributed to the 17th-century Dutch painter Almanach. (Wikipedia)



Ride 3: Into Gorenjska 111 kilometres

Gorenjska or Upper Carniola is the region that lies north of Ljubljana.


R0026752A summer view in winter time.

R0026742Ice, a rarity these days.

R0026743R0026745R0026757No real Festive500 without nativity scene. Here in Skofja Loka.

R0026759A view on Kranj.

R0026762When you meet nuns on your way, your Festive500 can’t get any better.

R0026763When the sun goes down….


…shadows grow long.


Ride 4: To Postonja 123 kilometres

Postonja is famous for its cave system which is the biggest tourist attraction in the country. Through the caves runs a double track railway. Cycling inside is not possible.


The centre of Postonja in holiday spirit

Ice-skating in Spring conditions? Why not?



A look down on the village of Planina.




Fading sunlight, short days. Festive500 is a race against time.

Ride 5: To Turjak 106 kilometres. The Finale

Turjak is famous for its 13th century castle which is not visible from the road. With cyclists its popular because of the curvy climb that leads to the top of the village.


Turjak is a panoramic climb…

…that twists its way up towards the village.

The castle you can’t see from the road but on a picture on the top (bottom right)…

Is skating becoming the number 1 activity in Slovenia?

A little bit of spring in December

Without the reflection you would see it was 4 degrees Celsius. Winter is slowly starting.

Challenge finished, 505 kilometres done.


1 thought on “Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike”

  1. Leuk verslag van mooie uitdaging! en bedankt voor delen van Strava routes, vooral de Krka route ziet er goed uit voor mijn aanstaande 1e Rapha 500km challenge. Succes, mocht je dit jaar weer proberen:)

    Sportieve groet,

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