Weeping willows

Weeping willow. Pen drawing, 2 August 2022. When I run, my phone and camera stay at home. They are unnecessary when running and above all, I wouldn't know where to put them. I don't miss them unless... I see a scene that screams to be captured. And that happens more often than not. I have… Continue reading Weeping willows


An Icy Trip into the Past

On the third Sunday of January, the increasingly popular atypical bike event L' Artica (The Arctic) was held in the Berici Hills in the north of Italy. Despite of being early season, despite of a freezing cold, 534 cyclists took the start in the town of Lonigo with bikes often older than the riders themselves. L'Artica… Continue reading An Icy Trip into the Past

Slovenia and the bike unfriendly bike path

The big difference between Dutch and Slovenian cycling infrastructure is not that there is much more cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands. The difference is a fundamental one, Dutch cycling infrastructure is made for cyclists, Slovenian cycling infrastructure is made for motorists. While in the Netherlands bike paths are meant to give cyclists a faster and safer… Continue reading Slovenia and the bike unfriendly bike path

Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike

With the Festive 500 activity application Strava and clothing manufacturer Rapha challenge cyclists to ride 500 kilometers or more between Christmas Eve and New Year. With our, so far, snow free winter it was a good chance to join the challenge and explore and show the Slovenian roads and roadside in wintertime. So here you… Continue reading Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike