Lessons from Holland

In the last week of April I visited the Netherlands with a group of tourists from Slovenia for a bike tour around Amsterdam. We rode bikes between Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem and Volendam, the part of the Netherlands we can really call Holland. It was a good opportunity to see how strangers react on Dutch cycling infrastructure. What strikes a Slovenian on the bike in Holland? Does everyone … Continue reading Lessons from Holland

Rolling between vineyards

It’s Slovenia, but not really Slovenia. It’s Italy, but not really Italy. Goriška Brda is a little bit of both. It’s a 80 square kilometre Slovenian paradise which lies in Italy. Or to say it like Jure Boltar of bike tour company Terra Cycling explains: Slovenia has the shape of a chicken and Goriška Brda is its behind which is stuck in Italy. Anyway, Goriška … Continue reading Rolling between vineyards

Cycling out of Schengen

How small is Slovenia? Well, from capital Ljubljana you can ride your bike to each of its neighbouring countries in a day. Part 2: Croatia, 72 kilometres Check out the route here: https://www.strava.com/activities/388403226 The elevated landscape of the Bloke plateau and neighboring Lož Valley resemble a green sea where meadows and forested hills come in waves. In the fields small settlements float like ships, their … Continue reading Cycling out of Schengen

Monte Zoncolan – The Grande Finale of 3 weeks Giro d´Italia

The climb to Monte Zoncolan is 10 kilometres long and has an average gradient of 11.9%. On Saturday May 31 it was the last major climb in this year´s Giro and the toughest. All 156 cyclists who started the climb finished in time. Winner was Australian Michael Rogers, last one was Australian Michael Hepburn 29 minutes and 9 seconds later. We were 5; Marjetka, Amadeja, … Continue reading Monte Zoncolan – The Grande Finale of 3 weeks Giro d´Italia