Lessons from Holland

In the last week of April I visited the Netherlands with a group of tourists from Slovenia for a bike tour around Amsterdam. We rode bikes between Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem and Volendam, the part of the Netherlands we can really call Holland. It was a good opportunity to see how strangers react on Dutch cycling infrastructure. What… Continue reading Lessons from Holland

Rolling between vineyards

It's Slovenia, but not really Slovenia. It's Italy, but not really Italy. Goriška Brda is a little bit of both. It's a 80 square kilometre Slovenian paradise which lies in Italy. Or to say it like Jure Boltar of bike tour company Terra Cycling explains: Slovenia has the shape of a chicken and Goriška Brda… Continue reading Rolling between vineyards

Cycling out of Schengen

How small is Slovenia? Well, from capital Ljubljana you can ride your bike to each of its neighbouring countries in a day. Part 2: Croatia, 72 kilometres Check out the route here: https://www.strava.com/activities/388403226 The elevated landscape of the Bloke plateau and neighboring Lož Valley resemble a green sea where meadows and forested hills come in… Continue reading Cycling out of Schengen

Monte Zoncolan – The Grande Finale of 3 weeks Giro d´Italia

The climb to Monte Zoncolan is 10 kilometres long and has an average gradient of 11.9%. On Saturday May 31 it was the last major climb in this year´s Giro and the toughest. All 156 cyclists who started the climb finished in time. Winner was Australian Michael Rogers, last one was Australian Michael Hepburn 29… Continue reading Monte Zoncolan – The Grande Finale of 3 weeks Giro d´Italia

Faces of the Ljubljana Marathon

Running has a special effect on the human face. When some people start running their face becomes unrecognizable. At the Ljubljana Marathon on Sunday 27 October I shot 225 portraits of people who ran by. In this photo mosaic you can see the wide diversity of facial expressions of 225 runners of the Ljubljana Marathon.… Continue reading Faces of the Ljubljana Marathon

My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year

Never before there were so many pictures taken in a year than this year. I contributed to this photography-explosion with at least a thousand pictures. This year I shot for work and fun in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany. Pictures of me were published in Dutch daily Noordhollands Dagblad, where I was… Continue reading My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year