Dutch bicycle network applied in Radovljica

In the municipality of Radovljica you can see how Dutch cycling infrastructure can be an example and inspiration for Slovenia. The Dutch cycle junction network is a best practice applied in the Slovenian mountains. In a junction network you don’f follow the place names on the road signs but you follow numbers as each signpost… Continue reading Dutch bicycle network applied in Radovljica


How to make more Slovenians bike?

Better for the environment, better for the health, better for the city. The bike is the best means of transport for the city and the Cycling Festival Europe, initiated by the Netherlands, has eleven weeks to convince more Slovenians to step on the bike.

Cycling against a hairdryer

In the Netherlands wind is wind. And in winter the wind is always chilly. In my mother tongue a föhn is a hairdryer. Here in Slovenia a föhn (fen) is a wind from the mountains and that wind is always warm. In winter it can make snow disappear with the blink of an eye, in… Continue reading Cycling against a hairdryer

My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year

Never before there were so many pictures taken in a year than this year. I contributed to this photography-explosion with at least a thousand pictures. This year I shot for work and fun in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Germany. Pictures of me were published in Dutch daily Noordhollands Dagblad, where I was… Continue reading My Photos of 2012 – 38 split seconds of the year