Lessons from Holland

In the last week of April I visited the Netherlands with a group of tourists from Slovenia for a bike tour around Amsterdam. We rode bikes between Amsterdam, Leiden, Haarlem and Volendam, the part of the Netherlands we can really call Holland. It was a good opportunity to see how strangers react on Dutch cycling infrastructure. What… Continue reading Lessons from Holland

Amsterdam; only a bikeride away…

Only two days after the start of Cycling Festival Europe in Ljubljana, initiated by the Dutch embassy, already good improvements can be seen in Slovenia’s cycling infrastructure. This (unofficial)road sign was spotted Saturday 16 April in Vnanje Gorice near Ljubljana.

How to make more Slovenians bike?

Better for the environment, better for the health, better for the city. The bike is the best means of transport for the city and the Cycling Festival Europe, initiated by the Netherlands, has eleven weeks to convince more Slovenians to step on the bike.

Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike

With the Festive 500 activity application Strava and clothing manufacturer Rapha challenge cyclists to ride 500 kilometers or more between Christmas Eve and New Year. With our, so far, snow free winter it was a good chance to join the challenge and explore and show the Slovenian roads and roadside in wintertime. So here you… Continue reading Festive 500: Slovenian holiday spirit seen from the bike

The Sunny Side of Winter

My 10 favorite views from the bike of the last two weeks in which we saw a little bit of winter and a lot of spring From evening till morning Rest time is yours, From dusk till down Don't be afraid to work (school in Bevke) High on the hills near Ljubljana, curvy lines draw up… Continue reading The Sunny Side of Winter

Rolling between vineyards

It's Slovenia, but not really Slovenia. It's Italy, but not really Italy. Goriška Brda is a little bit of both. It's a 80 square kilometre Slovenian paradise which lies in Italy. Or to say it like Jure Boltar of bike tour company Terra Cycling explains: Slovenia has the shape of a chicken and Goriška Brda… Continue reading Rolling between vineyards