Ljubljana in one hour by shared Bicikelj bike

Bike sharing for sightseeing

The start of Cycling Festival Europe was also the start of four new thematic cycling routes through Ljubljana and the campaign Cycle2Heritage, both initiatives to let people discover the city by bike. No better way to discover a city than by bike, especially Ljubljana. It takes just one hour to visit most major sights of the Slovenian capital. And you can get a bike almost for free!

What in bike capital of the world Amsterdam never succeeded is a success in Ljubljana; an almost free of charge bike share program. At 32 bike stations throughout Ljubljana you can take a Bicikelj bike and ride it for free for one hour before returning it to another station.

–  There are currently: 82.965 users of Ljubljana’s Bicikelj bikes. Since its inception   almost 3,5 million times a bike was ‘hired’  –

How it works:
There are two ways to subscribe to Bicikelj. You can subscribe for a year (three euro) or for a week (one euro). You can subscribe online on the website of Bicikelj

Once subscribed, you can use the Ljubljana Urbana card or a code to get a bike at one of the stations. On a terminal you choose a bike and then take it from the stand. Once done, you return it to another (or the same) stand. If you use the bike for less than an hour you don’t pay anything.

Great for:
With the Bicikelj you can discover Ljubljana like a real ’Ljubljancan’. Within an hour you can ride past most of Ljubljana’s major sights, most of which are connected through the four thematic cycling routes in the city.

60 minutes of Ljubljana by Bicikelj

Slovenia is a republic. With a palace for its president in the centre.

Sometimes it’s not that surprising that Ljubljana is Green Capital of Europe. In Park Tivoli the city is connected to the forest.

Ljubljana is slowly making more space for bikes. Here one of the newest reconstructed streets.

Ljubljana Opera House, built in 1892 and still one of the cultural hearts of Ljubljana.

Ljubljana’s main street, Slovenska Cesta.

Ljubljana’s busiest street, Čopova Ulica.

One of Ljubljana’s main squares, Prešernov Trg (Prešeren Square) with statue of poet Franc Prešeren.

Ljubljana’s famous three bridges.

Ljubljana’s newest bridge.

Mestni Trg (Town Square) with the old city hall and fountain.

The Ljubljana Door of the Ljubljana Cathedral, or St. Nicolas Church.

Ljubljana has a daily market.

The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana. Why? One explanation derives from from one of the stories of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason, while on the run, arrived in what is now Ljubljana, founded the city and slayed a dragon on his way further. Here Dragon Bridge.

Okay, one more bridge.

And another square, Kongresni Trg (Congress Square) which is the main square for events.

Trg Francoske Revolucije (Square of the French Revolution). With monument for Napoleon. In the background the city museum.

A rural village within the city, Krakovska Ulica.

If you didn’t notice yet, let me tell you now; Ljubljana is a city of bridges…

..and squares. Here Trnovo. A cozy square just outside of the city centre.