Digging through the snow, in search for spring

My last blog is from the beginning of January and I wrote about the spring weather we had in that weekend. I shouldn’t have done that because I must have jinxed things. It’s the end of February now and there is almost half a metre of snow outside.

Since January we had several periods with snow and every time the snow disappeared I thought it was for good. When last week they predicted snow for this weekend I was sure it would not be much and it would be gone soon. The temperature during the day is above the freezing point after all. I was wrong, like so many times before this winter. Winter is very persistent in this part of the world I learned through experience.

In the Netherlands ten centimetres of snow is a lot. The amounts of snow that fall here in Slovenia are beyond anything I could have imagined. After a drink last night, returning home by bike and foot turned out to be an ordeal. I had to dig myself a way through a wall of fresh snow. Today in the morning I returned to the snow but now to have some fun.

The weather forecast predicts higher temperatures. The snow will slowly melt away. But for me it’s too early to cheer. This winter is one full of surprises and I for sure don’t want to jinx it again.

Just after an elephant sat on me....
Just after an elephant sat on me….

Snow makes you young again.
Snow makes you young again.
I'm glad I didn't have to go anywhere today.
I’m glad I didn’t have to go anywhere today.

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