Digging through the snow, in search for spring

My last blog is from the beginning of January and I wrote about the spring weather we had in that weekend. I shouldn't have done that because I must have jinxed things. It's the end of February now and there is almost half a metre of snow outside. Since January we had several periods with… Continue reading Digging through the snow, in search for spring

Take a hike

,,Soft legs’’, my girlfriend shouted behind me. And ‘take small steps’. I didn't really know what to think of it, but this was the advice I had to make due with when slipping and sliding down the mountain Grmada on Sunday. We went for a hike up and down the 898 meter high peak near… Continue reading Take a hike

A marathon in the snow

It really happened. On this sunday in late October Slovenia woke up under a blanket of snow. It was cold, it was wet and the snowing wouldn't stop. What would those thousands of participants of the Ljubljana Marathon have thought when they looked out of the window this morning? They had 10, 21 or 42… Continue reading A marathon in the snow