Mega Franja- The route for the round that does pass by

Marathon Franja is Slovenia's most popular cycling event, with over 7000 participants. The event is named after the secret partizan hospital Franja that lies in a gorge above Cerkno. Franja was a fully equiped hospital were the patients, allies and enemies, were brought blindfolded. The hospital was never discovered during the war. The long tour… Continue reading Mega Franja- The route for the round that does pass by

To Bled and back – Fueled by a cream cake

The small town of Bled is the flagship of Slovenian tourism. It's famous for its lake with fairytale island, its medieval castle and its cream cake. Bled cream cakes are said to be the best there are. Bled's history and legends date back hundreds of years, the cream cake's history dates back only 60 years… Continue reading To Bled and back – Fueled by a cream cake


It's 14 February 2015, today Marco Pantani has been dead for 11 years. Dead but still alive. On and along his training roads in Italy's Emilia-Romagna roams his spirit. And his memory is kept alive by his tifosi who still paint his name on the roads of his favorite climbs. For the love for riding… Continue reading PANTANIMANIA

Views from the bike, February 2015

All photos were taken around the halfway point between Ljubljana and Venice. Riding a bike is the closest thing to flying. (Robin Williams, American actor and bike enthusiast (1951-2014)) Miren Castle is not a castle but a hill. There once was a castle in Miren but it was destroyed in 1515. The main building on… Continue reading Views from the bike, February 2015