Escape from winter

Being such a small country it’s amazing how varied Slovenia is. When the ground in and around Ljubljana was still full of snow and the temperature was below freezing point, we took the car (with bikes in it) 60 kilometres to the west to ride through the sunny and snowfree Vipava Valley.

Ready, Set, Go!

Cheers to The Vipava Valley which has 2566 hectares of vineyards. The 120 winemakers in the valley make around 25 varieties of wine of which the Zelen, Pinala and Karnica are local specialties.

The Slovenian name of the village Dornberk comes from the original German name Dornberg, meaning thorn hill. It’s a good thing the Slovenians replaced those thorns with vineyards.

In the 17th century the town of Štanjel was fortified to defend it against attacks of Ottomans. Of the visitors of today, there is not much to fear.

Snow remains on the ground until it melts or sublimates. Sublimation of snow directly into water vapor is most likely to occur on a dry and windy day… (Wikipedia). Or, there is no escaping winter.

A group selfie:
1. A selfie taken with two or more people. These are commonly taken through a mirror to fit more people in the shot.
2. Commonly used to look popular and give your Instagram, twitter, Facebook and myspace followers the impression that you have a life and lots of friends. (Urban Dictionary)

This group selfie gathered 53 likes and 4 reactions on Facebook between Friday 2 January and Saturday 3 January 2015. If I had a life and friends I wouldn’t be spending so much time on the bike of course 😉


1 thought on “Escape from winter”

  1. En wij maar kou lijden hier. Vanochtend drie uurtjes in snijdende wind. Vanmiddag met rode koontjes op de bank. Maar hetNK marathon op tv was een leuke wedstrijd. Ondanks dat ik af en toe in slaap viel.



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