‘I hope the Dutch wont discover this’

On a trip a few weeks ago to the quiet unspoiled forests in the south of Slovenia I met a man in the village of Stari Trg ob Kolpi. It was a warm day in the holiday season, but here on the north bank of the river Kolpa things were quiet. The only people around were in or close to the river where one could see every stone on the bottom. The man sighed: ,,I hope the Dutch wont discover this. If the Dutch know about this place it’s done with the peace.’’

I remembered this last weekend when I was riding my bike from Ljubljana to Celje. A large part of the route followed the river Savinja. Again crystal clear water on again a warm day in the holiday season. But here in the central part of the country it wasn’t that quiet. From the opposite direction there was a lot of traffic. One out of three cars had the striking yellow Dutch license plates.


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