The Slovenian Wildlife (2) Another encounter


I took no chances and approached it with precaution. Was the snake dead or was it alive? I did not know. Snakes are good actors. I saw the fearsome reptile lying at the side of the road when I passed it with my bike. I couldn’t miss this monster. I turned my bike to take a picture.

The snake was lying motionless. Ready to attack at once. So I took some distance and zoomed in. It was a black snake, straight out of ‘ the Slovenian jungle’. No doubt that we have here a feared and relentless animal. As far as I know there are two types of snakes in Slovenia, vipers and whipsnakes. It’s either or neither. I have no clue. For me a snake is a snake. They’re all scary and they all seem killers. Fortunately I survived this adventure and I continued my ride.

The snake is probably still there. Or by now it made a step up the food chain. The animal was as dead as can be. 


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