A Ride On The Wild Side

There still are places in Europe where the presence of us humans is almost non existent. Where you don't lock the doors against thieves but against wild animals. Places where nature is the boss. With 555 square kilometres and only 16.000 inhabitants the forest of Kocevje is such a place. It's huge, it's wild. If… Continue reading A Ride On The Wild Side

Tuesday Touristique International, Crossing Borders

How small is Slovenia? Well, from capital Ljubljana you can ride your bike to each of its neighbouring countries in a day. Part one: Austria, 65 kilometres. https://www.strava.com/activities/382464239 River Kokra is 34 kilometres long and in summer the water is just a few feet deep, not even reaching the knees of the fly- fisherman who… Continue reading Tuesday Touristique International, Crossing Borders