Snow. Snow?

I still don’t beleive it, but it’s the talk of the week; snow. Yesterday I was still riding my bike in the sun. My new Dutch acquaintance Jeroen guided me along the river Sava. And even we talked about it. And still I can’t beleive. The weather forecast says tomorrow it will still be a fairly comfortable 15 degrees but sunday all hell will break loose. It will snow all over the country and the temperature wont exceed five degrees Celsius. People say the weather in the Netherlands is changeable but if this prediction becomes true, the word changeable won’t even suffice. I was still waiting for autumn to start. The leafs of the trees just started too change color this week.

To make things even more dramatic, sunday is the Ljubljana Marathon. There are 25.000 runners expected which means in a country this small everyone knows several people that will participate. I sometimes feel I’m the only one that doesn’t. And that I won’t regret now. Stay indoors and read a book next to the heating would be my preferred past time on sunday. But that’s not going to be because I already promised to supporter at the marathon. So much much sooner than expected I will now get a chance to test the new winterjacket I recently bought at an outlet. But again, I don’t beleive it.

Autumn just started.

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