Remains of old Ljubljanese found

05032013148 (2)
In the centre of Ljubljana workers found the remains of an unknown person on Tuesday morning. It’s not clear yet if the person was murdered or died of natural causes. An investigation at the scene is under way.

The investigation should lead to more information about the deceased. The estimated time of death is somewhere between the years 100 and 400. Investigators expect to find more bodies and continue their search.

Or in other words, archeologists are uncovering Roman graves on Slovenska Cesta in Ljubljana. When Ljubljana was still the Roman settlement Emona there was a large Roman cemetery in this part of the city. So far 200 graves are discovered. The finds of the excavation will go the Ljubljana City Museum.

The sign that hangs on the fence only mentions that this is a project for underground waste containers. That’s indeed another, but kind of a harsh and lugubrious way, to look at it. It refers to the future use of the place though.


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