Weeping willows

Weeping willow. Pen drawing, 2 August 2022. When I run, my phone and camera stay at home. They are unnecessary when running and above all, I wouldn't know where to put them. I don't miss them unless... I see a scene that screams to be captured. And that happens more often than not. I have… Continue reading Weeping willows


Protesters fill streets of Ljubljana

Thousands of Slovenians took to the streets of capital Ljubljana on Tuesday April 27 to protest the government of prime minister Janež Janša. De demonstration was one of the biggest in a series of anti-government protests which started a little over a year ago after Janša's coalition came to power.

The paintings of Selšček

Selšček has around 140 inhabitants. There is a church, there are farms and houses, there is a bus stop and there is a little square with a new water fountain, benches and a table, bike stand and statue. The little village lies, 640 metre high, between the forests on the plateau Menisija, less than thirty… Continue reading The paintings of Selšček

An Icy Trip into the Past

On the third Sunday of January, the increasingly popular atypical bike event L' Artica (The Arctic) was held in the Berici Hills in the north of Italy. Despite of being early season, despite of a freezing cold, 534 cyclists took the start in the town of Lonigo with bikes often older than the riders themselves. L'Artica… Continue reading An Icy Trip into the Past

How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike

There are no statistics backing it up, but cycling is undoubtedly the fastest growing sports activity in Slovenia. Every spring there appear more Slovenians on the road riding a bike. This fact is supported by increasing bike sales and the arrival of new bike shops in the last five years. In Slovenia more bikes are sold… Continue reading How more Slovenians get hooked on the bike

Ljubljana in one hour by shared Bicikelj bike

Bike sharing for sightseeing The start of Cycling Festival Europe was also the start of four new thematic cycling routes through Ljubljana and the campaign Cycle2Heritage, both initiatives to let people discover the city by bike. No better way to discover a city than by bike, especially Ljubljana. It takes just one hour to visit most… Continue reading Ljubljana in one hour by shared Bicikelj bike

Safety is a feeling – Tips for safe cycling

scroll down for my tips for safe cycling How safe is Slovenia as a cycling country? It is an impossible question to answer. Is the increase of accidents with cyclists a safety issue or is it just due to the fact that every year more Slovenians start to ride a bike? The number of deadly accidents is… Continue reading Safety is a feeling – Tips for safe cycling