3084. Just before the midpoint of 2017, I passed the 3000 kilometre mark by bike. So there you have it, half of my answer. The question to it is an oft repeated one. It’s like an automatic reply I get after I tell someone cycling is my passion; ‘how many kilometres do you ride in a year?’ The only, unsatisfactory, answer I can give is: ‘I don’t know.’ Because I really don’t.

Years ago I banned measuring devices from my bike. I like to keep my handlebar and stem clean and besides that, I like the ride and knowing how far or how fast I ride doesn’t change that experience for the better. Ride data are nothing but an unwanted distraction.

But this year things change. I’ve been on Strava for some time (only the phone app) to document new routes and this year I committed myself to deliver the answer to that oft repeated question. I am registering all kilometres I’ve ridden by bike. To be honest, I didn’t expect to remain so faithful to this goal, but half a year into the challenge and I’m still keeping score in a notebook. Today, June 21, I’m at 3084 kilometres. And still counting.R0031325

What will the answer be? Check back here on December 31.